Innovative Justice: Reintegration Done Differently, Making a Difference


Graham H (2014) Innovative Justice: Reintegration Done Differently, Making a Difference (Presentation) Reintegration Puzzle Conference Singapore 2014, Singapore, 31.07.2014-01.08.2014. http://conferenceworks.net.au/rpc2014/papers/index.php?view_by=view_by_standard&surname=g

International research showcasing a series of innovative justice initiatives from around the world is presented. These initiatives are diverse, creative and ground-breaking in how they engage offenders, practitioners, governments and communities to enable reintegration and desistance. They involve prisoners and offenders in the community taking part in ‘greening justice' and environmental initiatives, animal welfare and therapeutic justice initiatives, sport, the arts and creative initiatives which give back to others in the community, and education, employment and entrepreneurship initiatives. With examples drawn from diverse jurisdictions and cultures - including the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Singapore and Asia, the Middle East, the United States and South America - these inspiring ideas and pioneering practices are analysed to consider how ‘justice done differently' is making a difference. The voices and experiences of the people at the forefront of these initiatives are featured, including ex/offenders, prison and probation practitioners, the judiciary, advocates, scientists and academics, volunteers and community organisations. Critical questions are raised about what is considered innovative and effective, for whom and in what context. Many of these initiatives rely on passionate people driving change and deep collaboration with community stakeholders, often incorporating notions of social entrepreneurship, social innovation and social inclusion. Strategies are put forward to suggest how criminal justice systems and community partners might change and innovate in order to better support people in the process of desistance and change.

Publication date31/08/2014
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ConferenceReintegration Puzzle Conference Singapore 2014
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