'It's as if you're some alien...' Exploring anti-English attitudes in Scotland



McIntosh I, Sim D & Robertson D (2004) 'It's as if you're some alien...' Exploring anti-English attitudes in Scotland. Sociological Research Online, 9 (2).

English people are the largest national or ethnic minority within Scotland but remain under-researched. This is despite a view taken by many writers, and by the popular press, that anti-English attitudes within Scotland are a major social problem. Via 30 in-depth interviews, this paper explores the experiences of a group of English people living in Scotland and the extent and nature of any anti-Englishness they have encountered. The paper also focuses on the ways in which notions of race, ethnicity and essential differences between Scots and English people are regularly encountered by English people living in Scotland. The 'racialisation' of the English minority in Scotland is also discussed in this context.

Anti- Englishness; Belonging; Englishness; Essentialism.; Ethnicity; Racialisation; Scottishness

Sociological Research Online: Volume 9, Issue 2

Publication date31/05/2004
PublisherSociological Research Online

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Professor Douglas Robertson

Professor Douglas Robertson

Honorary Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences