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Arrangements for Common Repairs in Scotland: A Literature Review



Robertson D (2002) Arrangements for Common Repairs in Scotland: A Literature Review. Scottish Executive. Communities Scotland.

The brief for this literature review set down a defined set of objectives. The prime purpose was to consider the variety of actor experiences in organising and carrying out common repairs on multi-owned property. Of particular interest were home owner arrangements to ensure the necessary repair works are specified, executed and paid for. Within this context the role played by private property management companies, or factors was to be considered, as was that of local authorities and housing associations, again in a property factoring context. The views of other professionals involved in this process were also to be sought, namely solicitors, surveyors and builders. Although not directly specified in the brief it was also appropriate to examine any literature on home owners experiences of such property maintenance practices. Consideration was also to be given to whether sinking funds are employed to fund regular property maintenance. The review was also to examine whether there were noticeable differences in the property maintenance or common repairs experiences between different property types. Finally, were there were obvious gaps in the literature these were to be noted and commented upon.

Publication date31/03/2002
PublisherCommunities Scotland
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Professor Douglas Robertson
Professor Douglas Robertson

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