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Conservation et gestion de la biodiversité



Marechal C, Cawoy V, Cocquyt C, Dauby G, Dessein S, Douglas-Hamilton I, Dupain J, Fischer E, Fouth Obang D, Groom Q, Henschel P, Jeffery KJ, Korte L, Lewis SL, Luhunu S, Maisels F, Melletti M, Ngoufo R, Ntore S, Palla F, Scholte P, Sonke B, Stevart T, Stoffelen P, van den Broeck D, Walters G & Williamson EA (2014) Conservation et gestion de la biodiversité. In: de Wasseige C, Flynn J, Louppe D, Hiol HF & Mayaux P (eds.) Les forêts du bassin du Congo État des Forêts 2013. State of the Forest. Neufchâteau, Belgium: Weyrich Édition, p. 67–96.

First paragraph: Since the first edition of the State of the Forest (SOF), the state and conservation of biodiversity have been a continuing concern. Every subsequent edition has reviewed the threats to the fauna and flora of the subregion. In 2010, the subject was presented in a chapter entitled "Biodiversity in the forests of Central Africa: panorama of knowledge, principal challenges and conservation measures" (Billand, 2012). By devoting a new chapter to this subject, the SOF 2013 reaffirms the importance of biodiversity and the protection of species for the sustainable development of the forests of Central Africa.

Title of seriesState of the Forest
Publication date31/12/2014
PublisherWeyrich Édition
Publisher URL
Place of publicationNeufchâteau, Belgium

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