Research Report

Pre-teens Learning about Alcohol: Drinking and Family Contexts


Eadie D, MacAskill S, Brooks O, Heim D, Forsyth A & Punch S (2010) Pre-teens Learning about Alcohol: Drinking and Family Contexts. Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Childhood experiences and the infl uence of family are crucial to forming future drinking habits. Much emphasis has been placed on understanding the impact of problem drinking within the family, especially on children in their teenage years. Much less is known about how younger children learn about alcohol in so-called ‘ordinary families'. This report examines how different economic circumstances, parenting styles and parents' drinking behaviours can infl uence how children view and understand alcohol.

Publication date31/10/2010
PublisherJoseph Rowntree Foundation
Publisher URL…alcohol-full.pdf