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Corridors of Power: Lobbying in the UK

Alternative title Les Coulisses du Pouvoir

Miller D & Dinan W (2008) Corridors of Power: Lobbying in the UK [Les Coulisses du Pouvoir]. Observatoire de la Societe Britannique, 6 (2008), pp. 25-45.;

Of all the nations of Western Europe lobbying is the most developed in Britain. For this reason the story of how lobbying has infiltrated the corridors of power in the UK is of particular interest. This paper examines the rise and contemporary practice of lobbying in the UK. The industry today faces a number of challenges not least of which are questions of conflicts of interest, secrecy, privileged access and undue influence which increasingly lead to calls for greater transparency.

lobbying; executive government; decision-makers; corporations; commercial interests; Westminster; Whitehall; standards in public life;

Observatoire de la Societe Britannique: Volume 6, Issue 2008

Author(s)Miller, David; Dinan, William
Publication date30/06/2008
PublisherUniversite de Toulon
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