Consumer dominant value creation: a theoretical response to the recent call for a consumer dominant logic for marketing



Anker T, Sparks L, Moutinho L & Gronroos C (2015) Consumer dominant value creation: a theoretical response to the recent call for a consumer dominant logic for marketing. European Journal of Marketing, 49 (3/4), pp. 532-560.

The purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of the ontological and semantic foundations of consumer-dominant value creation to clarify the extent to which the call for a distinct consumer-dominant logic (CDL) is justified.This paper discusses consumer-driven value creation (value-in-use) across three different marketing logics: product-dominant logic (PDL), service-dominant logic (SDL) and CDL. PDL conceptualises value as created by firms and delivered to consumers through products. SDL frames consumer value as a function of direct provider-consumer interaction, or consumer-driven chains of action indirectly facilitated by the provider. Recently, the research focus has been turning to consumer-dominant value creation. While there is agreement on the significance of this phenomenon, there is disagreement over whether consumer-dominant value creation is an extension of SDL or calls for a distinct CDL This is a conceptual paper, which is informed by five cases ofconsumer dominance. The cases are used to clarify rather than verify the analysis of the ontological and semantic underpinnings of consumer-dominant value creation.The ontological and semantic analysis demonstrates that PDL and SDL have insufficient explanatory power to accommodate substantial aspects of consumer-dominant value creation. By implication, this supports the call for a distinct CDL. This paper contributes to the ongoing theoretical debate over the explanatory power of SDL by demonstrating that SDL is unable to accommodate important ontological and semantic aspects of consumer-driven value creation.

Product-dominant logic; Service-dominant logic; Consumer-dominant logic; Consumer value; Marketing logics;

European Journal of Marketing: Volume 49, Issue 3/4

Publication date31/12/2015
Publication date online04/2015
Date accepted by journal12/09/2014

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Professor Leigh Sparks

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