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Brussels: a lobbying paradise

Dinan W & Wesselius E (2010) Brussels: a lobbying paradise. In: Burley H, Dinan W W, Haar K, Hoedeman O & Wesselius E (eds.) Bursting the Brussels Bubble: the battle to expose corporate lobbying at the heart of the EU. Brussels, Belgium: ALTER EU, pp. 23-32.

First paragraph: In the last 30 years, in the light of a series of new European Union treaties, thousands of lobbyists have flocked to Brussels, drawn by the increasing importance of EU-level decision making. Today on average 30-40 per cent of all national laws and regulations in the 27 EU Member States derive from EU rules and legislation; for environmental issues, it is more than 60 per cent.

Brussels lobbying; commercial lobbying; mandatory disclosure

Author(s)Dinan, William; Wesselius, Erik
Publication date31/12/2010
PublisherALTER EU
Publisher URL…ssels-bubble.pdf
Place of publicationBrussels, Belgium
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