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Miller D & Dinan W (2010) Introduction. In: Klaehn J (ed.) The Political Economy of Media and Power. New York: Peter Lang, pp. 1-5.

First paragraph: The relation between media and power remains the key reason for examining the media of communication and their role in society. Too much of the work currently ongoing in the discipline appears to have lost sight of this, but this col-lection is a welcome sign of the re-emergence of the classic and most important issues. The question of the media and power is not, however, straightforward. It is not simply a question of media performance or bias. It is not simply a question of whether we can understand the media in terms of the "propaganda model" as outlined by Herman and Chomsky. This is because it is a model of media perfor-mance and not a model of the role of the media in the power structure or in the reproduction of capitalist social relations. It is this latter question which is at the heart of concerns about the media and power, but it is a question which has not routinely been treated in its fullest sense.

Media; Power; Public Relations; Propaganda; Consent; Coercion

Publication date31/12/2010
PublisherPeter Lang
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