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Applications of Face Analysis and Modeling in Media Production

Cosker D, Eisert P, Grau O, Hancock PJB, McKinnell J & Ong E (2012) Applications of Face Analysis and Modeling in Media Production. IEEE Multimedia, 20 (4), pp. 18-27.

Facial expressions play an important role in day-by-day communication as well as media production. This article surveys automatic facial analysis and modeling methods using computer vision techniques and their applications for media production. The authors give a brief overview of the psychology of face perception and then describe some of the applications of computer vision and pattern recognition applied to face recognition in media production. This article also covers the automatic generation of face models, which are used in movie and TV productions for special effects in order to manipulate people's faces or combine real actors with computer graphics.

IEEE Multimedia: Volume 20, Issue 4

Author(s)Cosker, Darren; Eisert, Peter; Grau, Oliver; Hancock, Peter J B; McKinnell, Jonathan; Ong, Eng-Jon
Publication date31/12/2012
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