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Global Public Relations and Global Capitalism



Miller D & Dinan W (2003) Global Public Relations and Global Capitalism. In: Demers D D (ed.) Terrorism, Globalization and Mass Communication: Papers Presented at the 2002 Center for Global Media Studies Conference. Spokane: Marquette Books, pp. 193-214.

This paper argues that public relations is increasingly a global business activity and that the PR industry is intimately linked with the power of capital. It has two key inter-related functions: firstly to protect and enhance corporate power in order that secondly, it can promote consumerist ideology and practice. The PR industry is so intimately entwined with capital that it makes sense to argue that PR is global as a result of the globalization of capital and that PR has been instrumental in the globalization of capital.

PR; Globalisation; Consumerism

Publication date31/12/2003
PublisherMarquette Books
Publisher URL…obalization.html
Place of publicationSpokane

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Dr William Dinan

Dr William Dinan

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