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Sustainable Employment, Integration and Sustainable Energy Development



McQuaid R & Bergmann A (2015) Sustainable Employment, Integration and Sustainable Energy Development. In: Ahmed A (ed.) Green Behavior: Re-thinking Policy for Sustainability. World Sustainable Development, Outlook 2015. Brighton, Sussex: World Association for Sustainable Development, pp. 117-125.

Purpose: This paper considers the development of ‘green' jobs in Scotland where the government has sought to develop renewable and sustainable energy industries and associated employment. It briefly considers approaches to improving the quality of jobs for new entrants to the industry. Design/methodology/approach: This research is based a review of evidence on employment in renewable energy industries in Scotland and some related policies. Findings: Government employment forecasts/projections have been lower than projected. While there are some specific skills development initiatives by the government, in general labour market policies have been driven by principles of ‘Work First' approaches but require a more ‘Careers First' approach. Originality/value: The links between support for those moving from unemployment into jobs linked to sustainable industries have been under researched. Rather than relying on general ‘Work First' policies and separate industry specific skills initiatives for those already in work, more attention needs to be given to developing sustainable employment with career progression for unemployed people moving into the industry.

Employment; renewable energy; Scotland; career first

Title of seriesWorld Sustainable Development
Number in seriesOutlook 2015
Publication date01/06/2015
PublisherWorld Association for Sustainable Development
Publisher URL…k09/outlook-2015
Place of publicationBrighton, Sussex
ISBN978 1 907106 35 4

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Professor Ronald McQuaid

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