Research Report

Employee Owned Businesses – Access to Funding


McQuaid R, Brown R, Summers J & Mawson S (2014) Employee Owned Businesses – Access to Funding. Scottish Enterprise. Scottish Enterprise.

This report presents findings from a research project concerning access to funding for employee-owned businesses (EOBs) in Scotland. The two main objectives were: first, to examine the role of funding for firms moving into employee ownership - especially to ascertain if this constrains or curtails firms becoming employee-owned. Second, to examine the issue of funding as a constraint on growth for existing employee-owned businesses and to judge whether lending institutions view these firms as ‘atypical’ in terms of their perceived credit risk.

employee-owned; businesses; SMEs; finance; co-operatives; Scotland; UK

FundersScottish Enterprise
Publication date01/11/2014
Publication date online2015
PublisherScottish Enterprise
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