Research Report

The Growth of Employee Owned Businesses in Scotland



McQuaid R, Canduela J, Egdell V, Dutton M & Raeside R (2013) The Growth of Employee Owned Businesses in Scotland. Scottish Enterprise. Employment Research Institute, Edinburgh Napier University.

This report presents the findings of an investigation into the growth performance and growth dynamics of a selection of Scottish EOBs compared to a peer group of companies who have conventional ownership structures. The report was commissioned by Scottish Enterprise and conducted by the Employment Research Institute (ERI), Edinburgh Napier University. It has been estimated that the UK employee owned sector is worth £25-30 billion annually, representing 2% of GDP. Employee Owned Businesses have been found among Scotland’s high growth firms. However, until now there has been no specific study of this sub-set of high growth firms in Scotland in terms of their growth performance and growth dynamics.

employee-owned businesses; SMEs; growth; Scotland

Publication date01/03/2013
PublisherEmployment Research Institute, Edinburgh Napier University
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