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Correlates of HIV/AIDS knowledge in a Scottish prison sample

Power KG, Markova I, McKee KJ & Kilfedder CJ (1996) Correlates of HIV/AIDS knowledge in a Scottish prison sample. Health Education Research, 11 (3), pp. 287-297.

A sample of 559 inmates in Scottish prisons were administered a 48-item HIV/AIDS knowledge questionnaire. High levels of HIV-related knowledge were associated with: a history of drug offences, having had an HIV test, knowing someone who has had an HlV test, knowing someone who is HIV seropositive, a history of injecting drug use and having a sexual partner who is also an injecting drug user. Inmates who are objectively at high risk of contracting HIV by virtue of their drug injecting and sexual behaviour are also amongst the most knowledgeable inmates, with regard to HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, such knowledge does not result in the adoption of risk reduction behaviours. Results are discussed in relation to the heterogeneity of inmate populations and the diversity of their educational needs.

Intravenous Drug-Use; HIV Transmission; AIDS; Risk; Behavior; Inmates

Health Education Research: Volume 11, Issue 3

Author(s)Power, Kevin George; Markova, Ivana; McKee, Kevin J; Kilfedder, Catherine J
Publication date01/09/1996
Date accepted by journal19/11/1995
PublisherOxford University Press
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