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Performance evaluation of OnehopMANET


Al Mojamed M & Kolberg M (2015) Performance evaluation of OnehopMANET. In: 2015 Science and Information Conference (SAI). 2015 Science and Information Conference (SAI), London, 28.07.2015-30.07.2015. Washington DC, USA: IEEE Computer Society, pp. 1028-1032.

When used together, Peer-to-Peer overlays and MANET complement each other well. While MANET provides wireless connectivity without depending on any pre-existing infrastructure, P2P overlays provide data storage/retrieval functionality. However, both systems face common challenges: maintaining connectivity in dynamic and decentralized networks. In this paper we evaluate the performance of OnehopMANET[1] as a structured P2P over MANET system that uses cross-layering with a proactive underlay. We compare the performance of OnehopMANET with two recent structured P2P over MANET systems (MA-SP2P and E-SP2P) that use the same underlay protocol (OLSR) and that have been shown to outperform other proposals. Through simulation we show that OnehopMANET achieves a better performance in terms of file discovery delay, lookup fail rate and total traffic load for all the simulated scenarios.

OnehopMANET; P2P; MANET; P2P over MANET; Cross layering.

Publication date31/12/2015
Publication date online31/07/2015
PublisherIEEE Computer Society
Place of publicationWashington DC, USA
Conference2015 Science and Information Conference (SAI)
Conference locationLondon