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Prevention of skeletal muscle wasting: disuse atrophy and sarcopenia

Brooks N & Myburgh KH (2012) Prevention of skeletal muscle wasting: disuse atrophy and sarcopenia. In: Cseri J (ed.) Skeletal Muscle - From Myogenesis to Clinical Relations. Rijeka, Croatia: InTech, pp. 167-188.

First paragraph: Skeletal muscle plays a considerable role in health and disease. Muscle mass is essential for health and survival and plays a major role in mobility as well as morbidity and mortality. There is continual synthesis and degradation of proteins as part of normal metabolism and homeostasis. Equally remarkable, is the characteristic of plasticity allowing muscle to change and adapt depending on the stimuli and load placed upon it.

Author(s)Brooks, Naomi; Myburgh, Kathryn H
Publication date31/12/2012
Publisher URL…inical-relations
Place of publicationRijeka, Croatia
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