Research Report

Addressing inequality in Scotland: what can be done?


Bell D & Eiser D (2015) Addressing inequality in Scotland: what can be done?. David Hume Institute.

Inequality is now an issue of global interest. It is widely believed that inequality is increasing and that it is both a bad thing in itself and presents an obstacle to economic growth. This topic also played a key role in the election campaign. The Scottish Government has argued that additional fiscal powers will present it with the opportunity to slow down, or perhaps reverse, recent trends in inequality. This lecture explored the potential for the Scottish Government to influence patterns of inequality in Scotland, drawing on the worldwide debates on this issue. It presented new evidence on trends in inequality in Scotland and also place Scotland’s policy options within the context of the differing approaches to dealing with inequality that are emerging.

Inequality; Scotland; taxation

Publication date31/07/2015
PublisherDavid Hume Institute
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