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Gamification within plant health in the Forestry Commission



Maharaj S & Greene P (2015) Gamification within plant health in the Forestry Commission. Forestry Commission Scotland. University of Stirling.$FILE/Gamification_in_the_FC.pdf

This note is the outcome of a scoping project commissioned by the Forestry Commission (FC) and carried out by the University of Stirling and the FC. The aim was to raise understanding of "gamification" among staff in the FC and associated bodies, identify possible applications of gamification to tree health issues and suggest possible ways forward in this area. The note incorporates feedback and ideas from a workshop hosted as part of this project in February 2015. The key purpose of this note is to encourage readers to identify possible areas for gamification in the FC and to put forward their ideas for potential games.

gamification; serious games; forestry; plant health

Publication date online14/07/2015
PublisherUniversity of Stirling
Publisher URL…on_in_the_FC.pdf

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Dr Savi Maharaj

Dr Savi Maharaj

Senior Lecturer, Computing Science

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