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Developing environmental law scholarship: Going beyond the legal space

Little GM (2016) Developing environmental law scholarship: Going beyond the legal space. Legal Studies, 36 (1), pp. 48-74.

Elizabeth Fisher, Bettina Lange, Eloise Scotford and Cinnamon Carlarne have delivered a hard but justified message: environmental law scholarship is still perceived by many in the field as immature, and this is a reflection of the methodological challenges posed by its subject. This paper expands on their argument that scholars should think more closely about what can be learnt from debates about method in the wider legal mainstream and interdisciplinarity as part of the process of developing the discipline. It locates what is called 'classic' and 'novel' environmental law scholarship at the margins of the legal academy, which is conceptualised as an imagined legal 'space'. The paper then explores the ways in which insights derived from the environmental humanities and sciences can invigorate and mature environmental law scholarship by creating exciting new interdisciplinary contexts for the development of legal research methods

Legal Studies: Volume 36, Issue 1

Author(s)Little, Gavin McLeod
Publication date31/03/2016
Publication date online28/10/2015
Date accepted by journal27/04/2015
PublisherWiley-Blackwell for the Society of Legal Scholars
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