A Creative Education for the Day after Tomorrow


Munday I (2016) A Creative Education for the Day after Tomorrow. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 50 (1), pp. 49-61.

This paper considers the claims representatives of the ‘creativity movement’ make in regards to change and the future. This will particularly focus on the role that the arts are supposed to play in responding to industrial imperatives for the 21stcentury. It is argued that the compressed vision of the future (and past) offered by creativity experts succumbs to the nihilism so often described by Nietzsche. The second part of the paper draws on Stanley Cavell's chapter ‘Philosophy the Day After Tomorrow’ (from a book with the same name) to consider a future oriented arts education that may not fall victim to nihilism.

Journal of Philosophy of Education: Volume 50, Issue 1

Publication date29/02/2016
Publication date online23/02/2016
PublisherWiley-Blackwell for the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain