Book Chapter

Geographic analysis of cultural consumption



Brook O, Boyle P & Flowerdew R (2010) Geographic analysis of cultural consumption. In: Stillwell J, Norman P, Thomas C & Surridge P (eds.) Spatial and Social Disparities: Understanding Population Trends and Processes - Volume 2. Understanding Population Trends and Processes. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 67-82.;

In this chapter, the authors make use of a large database on ticket sales relating to the performing arts in London to investigate the propensities at which different sociodemographic groups use cultural provision and to develop an ecological model of attendance which includes derived variables relating to the geographical accessibility of purchasing addresses and commuting patterns. They find that the level of higher education qualifications predicts attendance better than other variables, with income and socioeconomic factors relatively insignificant but there is substantial variation in the importance of higher education by venue. Geographical accessibility and commuting patterns are found to be strongly predictive of attendance.

Title of seriesUnderstanding Population Trends and Processes
Publication date31/12/2010
Publisher URL…-90-481-8750-8_5
Place of publicationDordrecht