Response 1



Brook O (2007) Response 1. Cultural Trends, 16 (4), pp. 385-388.

Audiences London works with arts organizations in London to develop the size and the diversity of their audiences. It is one of a network of audience development agencies around the country funded by the Arts Councils of England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland, and by local government. Understanding the spatial and socio-demographic characteristics of audiences is a crucial aspect of this agenda and Audiences London has built a substantial bank of audience data and research which offers evidence about cultural consumption in London. The data collected are fundamentally different to those collected in surveys, including the Arts in England data analysed by Chan and Goldthorpe. Even so, its results provide support for their omnivore–univore typology, their finding that there is social stratification between these groups and non-attenders, and that educational qualifications are key but income less important. However, there is need for further research to explore this fully.

Cultural Trends: Volume 16, Issue 4

Publication date31/12/2007
Publication date online24/12/2007
PublisherTaylor and Francis