Web based continuing professional development – a learning architecture approach


Brosnan K & Burgess RC (2003) Web based continuing professional development – a learning architecture approach. Journal of Workplace Learning, 15 (1), pp. 24-33.

Uses Wenger's learning architecture as a conceptual framework for analysing the design and support of a Web‐based continuing professional development (CPD) course. Describes the key elements of the learning architecture and discusses their relevance to Web‐based CPD. In particular notes the importance of a design paradigm that focuses on social networks and the support necessary for their development. Using empirical data from a Web‐based course for professionals in health and social care to illustrate aspects of Wenger's learning architecture, evaluates successful CPD learning against this theoretical framework. The course drew heavily on the participants' ongoing workplace practice and was significant in shaping that practice. Concludes, on the basis of experience gained through the course, that Wenger's concepts provide a useful evaluation framework and design paradigm for Web‐based CPD.

Learning architecture; Community; Identity; Internet

Journal of Workplace Learning: Volume 15, Issue 1

Publication date02/01/2003