Making the Most of Our Strengths: Intercultural Team Teaching


Moran E & Sittichane K (2016) Making the Most of Our Strengths: Intercultural Team Teaching (Presentation) ThaiTESOL 2016, Khon Kaen, Thailand, 29.01.2016-30.01.2016.

Non-native English speaking teachers (NNESTs) and native English speaking teachers (NESTs) each have both strengths and weaknesses in teaching EFL. Recently, computer-mediated communications and blended delivery technologies have improved to the point where NESTs based in their home countries and NNESTs working in theirs can, potentially, work together, enhancing their individual strengths. This study explores this potential for transnational team teaching from the point of view of two experienced teachers cooperating at a distance with the NEST using blended delivery of culturally-related input to complement face to face teaching of a university Children's Literature course by the NNEST.

distance team teaching; collaborative teaching; video; blended delivery; poetry; children's literature

Publication date29/01/2016
ConferenceThaiTESOL 2016
Conference locationKhon Kaen, Thailand