Validity and reliability of the Ergomo(R)pro powermeter



Kirkland A, Coleman D, Wiles JD & Hopker J (2008) Validity and reliability of the Ergomo(R)pro powermeter. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 29 (11), pp. 913-916.

The aim of this investigation was to assess the validity and reliability of the Ergomo®pro powermeter. Nine participants completed trials on a Monark ergometer fitted with Ergomo®pro and SRM powermeters simultaneously recording power output. Each participant completed multiple trials at power outputs ranging from 50 to 450 W. The work stages recorded were 60 s in duration and were repeated three times. Participants also completed a single trial on a cycle ergometer designed to assess bilateral contributions to work output (Lode Excaliber Sport PFM). The power output during the trials was significantly different between all three systems, (p < 0.01) 231.2 ± 114.2 W, 233.0 ± 112.4 W, 227.8 ± 108.8 W for the Monark, SRM and Ergomo®pro system, respectively. When the bilateral contributions were factored into the analysis, there were no significant differences between the powermeters (p = 0.58). The reliability of the Ergomo®pro system (CV%) was 2.31 % (95 % CI 2.13 - 2.52 %) compared to 1.59 % (95 % CI 1.47 to 1.74 %) for the Monark, and 1.37 % (95 % CI 1.26 - 1.50 %) for the SRM powermeter. These results indicate that the Ergomo®pro system has acceptable accuracy under these conditions. However, based on the reliability data, the increased variability of the Ergomo®pro system and bilateral balance issues have to be considered when using this device.

bilateral; ergometry; reliability; SRM

International Journal of Sports Medicine: Volume 29, Issue 11

Publication date30/11/2008

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Dr Andrew Kirkland

Dr Andrew Kirkland

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