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The dichotomy between applied sport science and coaching practice



Webb V & Kirkland A (2014) The dichotomy between applied sport science and coaching practice. 2nd World Congress of Cycling Science 2014, Leeds, 02.07.2014-03.07.2014.

There is a common perception in coaching that there is dichotomy between applied sport science and coaching practice. While both disciplines have a common aim, to enhance sporting performance, there is a tendency to move in mutually exclusive directions. Many coaches are interested in ‘the why’s’ of sporting performance, but questions such as ‘does it work in the real world?’ and ‘how do I apply this theory to my coaching practice?’ are far more important. For sports scientists to answer such questions, they must consider adoption of models such as the Applied Research Model for Sport Sciences (Bishop, D, 2008. Sports Medicine, 38(3) 253-263). Barriers to uptake and consideration of how findings could be implemented in a sporting setting should be considered when defining the research problem. This should be done, not only through review of literature, but by engaging with expert coaches. This type of approach may challenge the perception that research findings rarely impact on coaching practice. Therefore, it is recommended that applied sports science researchers and coaches engage with each other to prioritise research questions, while considering how the answers may result in changed practice and performance enhancement.

Publication date31/12/2014
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Conference2nd World Congress of Cycling Science 2014
Conference locationLeeds

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Dr Andrew Kirkland

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