Impact of Solar Radiation on Gene Expression in Bacteria


Matallana-Surget S & Wattiez R (2013) Impact of Solar Radiation on Gene Expression in Bacteria. Proteomes, 1 (2), pp. 70-86.

Microorganisms often regulate their gene expression at the level of transcription and/or translation in response to solar radiation. In this review, we present the use of both transcriptomics and proteomics to advance knowledge in the field of bacterial response to damaging radiation. Those studies pertain to diverse application areas such as fundamental microbiology, water treatment, microbial ecology and astrobiology. Even though it has been demonstrated that mRNA abundance is not always consistent with the protein regulation, we present here an exhaustive review on how bacteria regulate their gene expression at both transcription and translation levels to enable biomarkers identification and comparison of gene regulation from one bacterial species to another.

transcriptomic; proteomic; gene regulation; radiation; bacteria

Proteomes: Volume 1, Issue 2

Publication date30/09/2013
Publication date online16/07/2013
Date accepted by journal02/07/2013