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A Comparison of Learning Rules for Mixed Order Hyper Networks



Swingler K (2015) A Comparison of Learning Rules for Mixed Order Hyper Networks. In: Proceedings of the 7th International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence. NCTA (IJCCI). Setubal, Portugal: Science and Technology Publications, pp. 17-27.;

A mixed order hyper network (MOHN) is a neural network in which weights can connect any number of neurons, rather than the usual two. MOHNs can be used as content addressable memories with higher capacity than standard Hopfield networks. They can also be used for regression, clustering, classification, and as fitness models for use in heuristic optimisation. This paper presents a set of methods for estimating the values of the weights in a MOHN from training data. The different methods are compared to each other and to a standard MLP trained by back propagation and found to be faster to train than the MLP and more reliable as the error function does not contain local minima.

High Order Networks; Learning Rules

Publication date12/11/2015
Publication date online30/11/2015
PublisherScience and Technology Publications
Publisher URL…0005588000170027
Place of publicationSetubal, Portugal
ConferenceNCTA (IJCCI)

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Professor Kevin Swingler

Professor Kevin Swingler

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