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Energy and Climate Policy: Synergies, Conflicts, and Co-Benefits


Stephan H (2016) Energy and Climate Policy: Synergies, Conflicts, and Co-Benefits. In: Heffron R & Little G (eds.) Delivering Energy Law and Policy in the EU and the US: A Reader. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 581-586.

First paragraph: Energy and climate policy have been closely linked ever since the 1970s when scientists stepped up efforts to model the warming effect of greenhouse gases (GHGs) on the earth’s climate. Carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil fuel combustion represents the largest source of GHG emissions, accounting for well over 60 percent of global emissions and around three quarters of GHG emissions in industrialised economies such as the US and the EU.

energy policy; climate change policy

Publication date30/06/2016
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