Going mobile: Perspectives on aligning learning and teaching in geography



Jarvis C, Dickie J & Brown G (2013) Going mobile: Perspectives on aligning learning and teaching in geography. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 37 (1), pp. 76-91.

There has been little consideration to date regarding how we might best adjust our assessment protocols so that the overall learning experience remains appropriately aligned to both content and teaching approach when adopting location-specific mobile learning. This paper explores the success of a novel strategy to design an assessment regime that captures a field experience in Dublin as a whole for both staff and students alike. Evaluation identified that the use of a combined mediascape-essay approach as a major component of the assessment successfully captured the main elements of the learning and teaching experience and facilitated deeper learning and creativity.

Assessment; GPS-enabled mobile learning; constructive alignment; mediascape; geography

Journal of Geography in Higher Education: Volume 37, Issue 1

Publication date31/12/2013
Publication date online15/06/2012
Date accepted by journal10/04/2012
PublisherTaylor and Francis

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Dr Jennifer Dickie

Dr Jennifer Dickie

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