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Predicting Adult Outcomes from Childhood Pain Profiles

Birnie KA & Caes L (2012) Predicting Adult Outcomes from Childhood Pain Profiles. Pain Research Forum, 09.11.2012.

Editors' Note: Rich, insightful conversations about current research go on every day in journal clubs around the world. The goal of our new Journal Club feature is to capture those discussions and air them for the broader pain community.  Thanks to Kathryn Birnie and Line Caes for submitting the second Journal Club. We are pleased to present their summary of the discussion from a pain journal club hosted by Christine Chambers’ lab at Dalhousie University and the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research, IWK Health Centre. Members of the journal club took up a recent paper from Walker and colleagues concerning childhood predictors of adolescent and adult functional gastrointestinal disorders and psychiatric comorbidities.  Birnie and Caes also submitted a number of questions to Lynn Walker, first author of the original study. Professor Walker’s responses appear in a Comment below.

Author(s)Birnie, Kathryn A; Caes, Line
Publication date09/11/2012
PublisherPain Research Forum/Harvard Neuro Discovery Center
Publisher URL…od-pain-profiles
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