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Historical Archaeology: Back from the Edge


Funari PP, Hall M & Jones S (eds.) (1999) Historical Archaeology: Back from the Edge. One World Archaeology, 31. London: Routledge. https://www.routledge.com/Historical-Archaeology-Back-from-the-Edge/Funari-Hall-Jones/p/book/9780415518888

Historical Archaeology demonstrates the potential of adopting a flexible, encompassing definition of historical archaeology which involves the study of all societies with documentary evidence. It encourages research that goes beyond the boundaries between prehistory and history. Ranging in subject matter from Roman Britain and Classical Greece, to colonial Africa, Brazil and the United States, the contributors present a much broader range of perspectives than is currently the trend.

EditorProfessor Sian Jones
Title of seriesOne World Archaeology
Number in series31
Publication date31/12/1999
Publisher URLhttps://www.routledge.com/…ok/9780415518888
Place of publicationLondon