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'Parks for the People': The Whitworth Park Community Archaeology and History Project



Jones S, Cobb H, Giles M & Colton R (2014) 'Parks for the People': The Whitworth Park Community Archaeology and History Project. In: Khreisheh A & Booth N (eds.) All That Glistens: will 2012 be a golden year for museum archaeology?. Museum Archaeologist, 35. Society of Museum Archaeologists Annual Conference 2012, Manchester. Colchestert: SMA Publications, pp. 23-31.

First paragraph: A decade on from Merriman's article, it is widely acknowledged that a new form of publically oriented archaeology has developed. As in museums, an emphasis on public engagement, access and participation has emerged alongside the traditional focus on academic research and preservation for posterity. Challenges to the authority of archaeological expertise and practice initially stemmed from late twentieth century developments, such as the civil rights movement, post-colonial politics and the growing recognition of indigenous rights (Marshall 2009). More recently in the UK, the consequences of these developments have been played out through 'the lens of domestic political policies (Jones, in press). In particular, from 1997-2009, the New Labour government placed a strong emphasis on education, access and social inclusion, which in turn influenced the funding priorities of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). During this period 'community archaeology' became a well-established concept and area of practice, embracing the concerns of access and social inclusion through active public participation.

Museums; Community Heritage; Parks; Open Spaces

Title of seriesMuseum Archaeologist
Number in series35
Publication date31/12/2014
Publication date online31/12/2012
PublisherSMA Publications
Place of publicationColchestert
ConferenceSociety of Museum Archaeologists Annual Conference 2012
Conference locationManchester

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Professor Sian Jones

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