Zombie Terrorism in an Age of Global Gothic



Edwards JD (2015) Zombie Terrorism in an Age of Global Gothic. Gothic Studies, 17 (2), pp. 12-25.

With reference to films such as The Terror Experiment (2010) and Osombie (2012), this paper explores the figure of the zombie terrorist, a collectively othered group that is visually identifiable as ‘not us' and can be slaughtered with impunity. In cinematic treatments, the zombie terrorist operates within a collectivity of zombies, erasing the possibility of individuality when the transformation from human to zombie takes place. The zombie terrorist signifies otherness in relation to selfhood, and is characterised by a mind/body split. Emerging from the grave in the archetypal zombie primal scene, this reanimated corpse is undead in its animate corporeality coupled with a loss of all mental faculties. The erasure of individual identity and memory along with broader human characteristics such as empathy or willpower coincides with the zombie terrorist's physical movement and action.

zombies; terrorism; war; global Gothic; otherness

Gothic Studies: Volume 17, Issue 2

Publication date01/11/2015
PublisherManchester University Press
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