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The Paris Agreement: A Rejoinder


Savaresi A (2016) The Paris Agreement: A Rejoinder. EJIL: Talk! Blog of the European Journal of International Law, 16.02.2016.

In his analysis of the recently adopted Paris Agreement, Professor Jorge Viñuales shed light on the main features of this new treaty. He concludes that, while the Agreement is not perfect, it is certainly ‘more than many of those who have followed the climate negotiations over the years realistically expected.’ I cannot but agree with this assessment: the Paris Agreement is probably the best that could be achieved at this place and time and, given the premises, its adoption as a treaty last December was almost miraculous. This post expands upon a couple of points raised in his analysis, focusing on the legal form of the Paris Agreement, its relationship with the UNFCCC and on the nature of obligations concerning the review of parties’ commitments.

Publication date16/02/2016
PublisherEuropean Journal of International Law
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