Development of a behaviour rating system for rural/remote pre-hospital settings



Holly D, Swanson V, Cacchia P, Beasant B & Laird C (2017) Development of a behaviour rating system for rural/remote pre-hospital settings. Applied Ergonomics, 58, pp. 405-413.

Background  Remote and Rural pre-hospital care practitioners manage serious illness and injury on an unplanned basis, necessitating technical and non-technical skills (NTS). However, no behaviour rating systems currently address NTS within these settings. Informed by health psychology theory, a NTS-specific behaviour rating system was developed for use within pre-hospital care training for remote and rural practitioners.  Method  The Immediate Medical Care Behaviour Rating System (IMCBRS), was informed by literature, expert advice and review and observation of an Immediate Medical Care (IMC) course. Once developed, the usability and appropriateness of the rating system was tested through observation of candidates' behaviour at IMC courses during simulated scenarios and rating their use of NTS using the IMCBRS.  Results and conclusion Observation of training confirmed rating system items were demonstrated in 28–62% of scenarios, depending on context. The IMCBRS may thus be a useful addition to training for rural and practitioners.

Non-technical skills; Rural and remote; Pre-hospital emergency care

Applied Ergonomics: Volume 58

Publication date31/01/2017
Publication date online11/08/2016
Date accepted by journal02/08/2016

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Professor Vivien Swanson

Professor Vivien Swanson

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