A Glimmer of Hope


Savaresi A (2014) A Glimmer of Hope. Environmental Policy and Law, 44 (5), pp. 416-417.

On September 23, as global carbon dioxide emissions reportedly reached new heights,1 hundreds of representatives from national and sub-national governments, companies, indigenous peoples' and civil society organisations, including 100 heads of State or government, attended a meeting in New York called "Climate Summit 2014: Catalyzing Action" (the UN Summit), convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The UN Summit was intended to raise political momentum towards the adoption of a climate agreement in 2015. Several government representatives announced national action to address climate change. China grabbed the headlines by stating that it would announce post-2020 action on climate change and the peaking of its emissions "as early as possible". This statement raised hopes that the Chinese government might undertake some kind of emissions reduction commitments in the framework of the 2015 Agreement. Finally, the Summit provided an opportunity to reassert support for carbon pricing, a policy concept that has enjoyed varying fortunes, not having performed as expected in the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol.

Environmental Management; Environmental policy; policy approach; Policy implementation

Environmental Policy and Law: Volume 44, Issue 5

Publication date30/11/2014
PublisherIOS Press
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