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EU and US Non-State Actors and Climate Governance

Savaresi A (2014) EU and US Non-State Actors and Climate Governance. In: Bakker C & Francioni F (eds.) The EU, the US and Global Climate Governance. London: Routledge, pp. 211-224.

This volume presents a critical analysis of transatlantic relations in the field of environmental governance and climate change. The work focuses on understanding the possible trends in the evolution of global environmental governance and the prospects for breaking the current impasse on climate action. Drawing on research involving experts from eleven different universities and institutes, the authors provide innovative analyses on policy measures taken by the EU and the US, the world’s largest economic and commercial blocs, in a number of fields, ranging from general attitudes on environmental leadership with regard to climate change, to energy policies, new technologies for hydrocarbons extraction and carbon capture, as well as the effects of extreme weather events on climate-related political attitudes. The book examines the way in which the current attitudes of the EU and the US with regard to climate change will affect international cooperation and the building of consensus on possible climate policies, and looks to the future for international environmental governance, arguably one of the most pressing concerns of civilisation today. This book, which is based on research carried out in the context of the EU-financed FP7 research project TRANSWORLD, will appeal to academics, policy makers and practitioners seeking a deeper understanding of the challenges resulting from climate change.

Law / Environmental, Law / International

Author(s)Savaresi, Annalisa
Publication date31/12/2014
Publisher URL…ok/9781472426529
Place of publicationLondon
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