UNFCCC - Are Subsidiary Bodies Moving Glacially Toward a Paris Agreement?


Savaresi A (2015) UNFCCC - Are Subsidiary Bodies Moving Glacially Toward a Paris Agreement?. Environmental Policy and Law, 45 (3-4), pp. 108-109.

Six months ahead of the Paris Climate Change Conference, where they are expected to adopt "a protocol, another legal instrument or a legal outcome", Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) gathered in Bonn this June for the regular meetings of their subsidiary bodies. Meeting for the first time in Bonn's newly inaugurated World Conference Center, the Parties were faced with the unprecedented task of streamlining 90 pages of negotiating text into a reasonable-length working document for a new climate agreement. Going into the meeting, the negotiating text had been hastily compiled without negotiation, combining essentially all of the Parties' proposals at the February 2015 Geneva Climate Change Conference. This note reflects on progress achieved at the Bonn Climate Change Conference, and on the next steps awaiting UNFCCC Parties in the remainder of this busy negotiation year.

Environmental Policy and Law: Volume 45, Issue 3-4

Publication date30/06/2015
PublisherIOS Press