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Book Chapter

Urban Aquaculture

Bunting SW & Little DC (2003) Urban Aquaculture. In: Bruinsma W & Hertog W (eds.) Annotated Bibliography on Urban Agriculture. Leusden, The Netherlands: ETC-RUAF Foundation, pp. 446-467.

First paragraph: As with the other contributions in this series this introduction to urban aquaculture is aimed primarily at reviewing the most important literature and knowledge sources on this topic, providing a contemporary, up-to-date reference. In the initial sections a working definition for urban aquaculture will be discussed and a typology for urban aquaculture based on species, location and intensity of production developed. In the following section, prevailing characteristics of existing urban aquaculture systems will be described, and associated benefits discussed. Recognised constraints and emerging threats to urban aquaculture will then be presented. From this assessment, it is anticipated that it will be possible to highlight important knowledge gaps and to suggest areas demanding resources for further research and development. In contrast to other reviews dealing with aquaculture development, this work emphasises the need to consider the role of urban policy and planning, especially concerning recommendations for future developments relating to urban aquaculture. References and resources included in the annotated bibliography were selected based on the objectives of the review, the quality and scope of information presented, their appropriateness for a wide-ranging audience and their accessibility.

Author(s)Bunting, Stuart W; Little, David Colin
Publication date31/12/2003
PublisherETC-RUAF Foundation
Publisher URL…bibliography.pdf
Place of publicationLeusden, The Netherlands
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