Book Chapter

Aquaculture Technologies for Food Security


Little DC, Bunting SW & Bunting SW (2016) Aquaculture Technologies for Food Security. In: Madramootoo C (ed.) Emerging Technologies for Promoting Food Security: Overcoming the World Food Crisis. Woodhead Publishing series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition. Cambridge: Elsevier, pp. 93-113.

Aquaculture has been identified as a critical part of supporting food security, especially for low- and medium-income countries (LMIC) in which fish is an established and key part of diets. Finfish and other aquatic products (“fish”) are high in protein and rich in micronutrients. Employment for low-income people throughout aquaculture value chains is increasingly contributing both directly and indirectly to their food and nutritional security.

Aquaculture; Biosecure systems; Fish production; Health management; Ponds; Poor livelihoods; Recirculated aquaculture systems

Title of seriesWoodhead Publishing series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition
Publication date31/12/2016
Publisher URL…1782423355000056
Place of publicationCambridge