Youth and the Sociability of "Vaping"


Yule J & Tinson J (2017) Youth and the Sociability of "Vaping". Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 16 (1), pp. 3-14.

This article examines the contemporary and evolving social ritual of vaping (also known as the use and consumption of e-cigarettes). This novel research finds a typology of users in a heterogeneous youth market and shows how the introduction of this new practice challenges existing ritual boundaries. Previous research has focused on the de-marketing of tobacco and smoking cessation. Here, Virtuous, Dynamic, Vulnerable and Invisible Vapers are identified with each demonstrating differing levels of emotional engagement and characteristics of vaping behaviors. Utilizing Collins’ theory of interaction rituals as a lens, this qualitative study explores the sociability of vaping practices to gain a deeper understanding of the enduring appeal of vaping and the subsequent consequences for youth ‘smoking’ behaviors. While some vapers advocate the health benefits of this relatively new practice, the use of e-cigarettes is also used as a form of resistance as well as mechanism for misbehavior.

E-cigarettes; interaction ritual; health; symbolism; sociability

Journal of Consumer Behaviour: Volume 16, Issue 1

Publication date28/02/2017
Publication date online31/08/2016
Date accepted by journal28/07/2016