Research Report

Poverty and children's education


Sime D, Forbes J & Lerpiniere J (2015) Poverty and children's education. Policy Briefing. Scottish Universities Insight Institute.

This briefing provides an overview of the research evidence on the impact of poverty on children and young people's education and out-of-school learning opportunities. It focusses on evidence on the impact of poverty on children's readiness to learn before they enter early years education, their achievement at school, and the factors that influence poor children's education outcomes and their parents' ability to engage their children's learning. Access to good quality education in and out of school, through other services, is also addressed. The briefing identifies key recommendations for tackling the underachievement of poor children, to increase their chances of success later on in life.

Title of seriesPolicy Briefing
Publication date31/12/2015
PublisherScottish Universities Insight Institute
Publisher URL…me_Education.pdf