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Dementia Palliare Best Practice Statement



Holmerova I, Waugh A, MacRae R, Veprkova R, Sandvide A, Hanson E, Jackson G, Watchman K, Tolson D & Tolson D (2016) Dementia Palliare Best Practice Statement. European Commission. University of the West of Scotland.

First paragraph: Dementia Palliare is a new positive practice approach to supporting people with advanced dementia who are not yet requiring end of life care, but who have limited opportunities for self-realisation and are increasingly reliant on the support of others for their health and wellbeing. Dementia Palliare recognises the increasing complexity of physical healthcare needs which must be addressed in tandem with psychosocial and spiritual needs. Dementia Palliare recognises the essential contribution of the living environment and family caring to the wellbeing of the person with advanced dementia. Palliare, which means to cloak in support, draws on a biopsychosocial – spiritual model of dementia care that places the person and caring relationships at the centre of healthcare practice. Dementia Palliare is a best practice approach to delivering advanced dementia care with dignity and compassion led by professionals with appropriate specialist knowledge and competencies, and whenever possible in partnership with the individual, their family and friends.

Publication date31/01/2016
PublisherUniversity of the West of Scotland

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Professor Karen Watchman

Professor Karen Watchman

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