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Jenny's diary: Supporting conversations about dementia with people who have a learning disability



Watchman K, Tuffrey-Wijne I & Quinn S (2015) Jenny's diary: Supporting conversations about dementia with people who have a learning disability. Hove: Pavilion Publisher.

This booklet is in three parts:  Part 1: Jenny’s Diary  Pages 7–30 are for staff or family supporting a person with a learning disability. You will see photographs of a typical week for Jenny who has dementia. The aim is to support conversations with people with a learning disability about why Jenny is behaving differently, and how she can be supported to live as well as possible with dementia. This will also help staff and family members to answer any questions they may be asked.  Part 2: Talking to Jenny about her diagnosis of dementia  Pages 31–37 suggests how to have a conversation with a person who has a learning disability about their diagnosis of dementia.  Part 3: Talking to friends about dementia  Pages 39–43 contains guidance for staff or family to explain dementia to friends of the person with a diagnosis.  Although primarily aimed at staff and family members, Jenny’s Diary has been written using words that can be used in conversation with people who have a learning disability.  We recommend that you read all of this booklet before you use it as part of your conversation.  This version of Jenny’s Diary uses the term learning disability instead of intellectual disability. Both versions are available as a free download from

Publication date31/12/2015
PublisherPavilion Publisher
Publisher URL…ennys-diary.html
Place of publicationHove

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Professor Karen Watchman

Professor Karen Watchman

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