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Book Chapter

MMORPGing, Law, and Lingo

Barker K (2013) MMORPGing, Law, and Lingo. In: Freeman M & Smith F (eds.) Law and Language: Current Legal Issues Volume 15 . Current Legal Issues, 15. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 417-433.

This chapter examines the differences between the categories of online games and virtual worlds. It discusses the importance of this distinction, given the need to recognize that this area has its own distinct terminology. It presents a few examples to illustrate the demand for understanding and acceptance of gaming terminology, and the role that this terminology will play in the legal system in due course. These terms include farming, griefing, kill stealing, and wizards. Whilst online gaming is a mainstream form of entertainment, the legal system has yet to accept that this is so. Equally, the legal system has yet to accept that there can be disputes arising out of such interaction. It must do so, because once there has been recognition of the activity, there can be recognition of everything associated with it.

Online games; law; language; copyright; virtual worlds; terminology

Author(s)Barker, Kim
Title of seriesCurrent Legal Issues
Number in series15
Publication date31/12/2013
PublisherOxford University Press
Publisher URL…73667-chapter-25
Place of publicationOxford
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