Knowledge, attitudes and practices of Trinidadian households regarding leptospirosis and related matters.



Mohan A & Chadee DD (2011) Knowledge, attitudes and practices of Trinidadian households regarding leptospirosis and related matters.. International Health, 3 (2), pp. 131-137.

Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease that is underreported in many countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, because of a low level of awareness of the disease. A knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) survey concerning leptospirosis was carried out on 800 households throughout Trinidad to determine the level of awareness of the disease in the country. Of the participants, 52.4% had heard of leptospirosis but approximately half of these did not know any signs or symptoms of the disease. Knowledge of leptospirosis was not related to level of education of people, but to geographical location. Approximately 82% of participants were involved in at least one risk activity, the most common of which was walking barefooted outdoors. The animal which most participants were in contact with was the dog. Of the 53% of participants who had seen a mouse or rat around the house, 5% utilized the free control services of the regional corporation. Approximately 66% of participants were not satisfied with the services provided by the regional corporation. There was a positive attitude towards general health and good sanitary practices among the Trinidad population, but there was also a lack of knowledge of leptospirosis. The low level of awareness of leptospirosis in Trinidad makes it a disease of public health importance, as it is often mistaken for dengue which is more well-known in the country.

Leptospirosis; KAP; knowledge; risk activity; awareness; Trinidad

International Health: Volume 3, Issue 2

Publication date30/06/2011
Publication date online18/05/2011
Date accepted by journal03/03/2011
PublisherElsevier for Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

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Dr Andrea Mohan

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