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Opportunistic native multicast under churn


Alwadani D, Kolberg M & Buford J (2016) Opportunistic native multicast under churn. In: Proceedings of 2016 SAI Computing Conference, SAI 2016. 2016 SAI Computing Conference (SAI), London, 13.07.2016-15.07.2016. Piscataway, NJ, USA: IEEE, pp. 644-648.

In this paper we investigate the behaviour of Opportunistic Native Multicast under node churn. Previously, we have introduced an Opportunistic Native Multicast approach that facilitates native multicast where possible and which reverts to using overlay multicast when needed. Here, we are evaluating Overlay Native Multicast in a more realistic environment considering the effect of network churn and propose election algorithms to offer resilience and adaptivity required in the real world. We have developed a mechanism where the network can autonomously and deterministically elect a primary node for each multicast island. We have further investigated ways to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of the protocol by introducing a secondary node selection process. We have tested our proposed improvements using Oversim simulation. We show that Opportunistic Native Multicast can achieve success rates well above 90 percent despite realistic levels of node churn.

Multicasting; Overlay Multicasting; Hybrid Multicasting; Churn

Publication date31/07/2016
Publication date online31/07/2016
Place of publicationPiscataway, NJ, USA
Conference2016 SAI Computing Conference (SAI)
Conference locationLondon