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Inclusive Design of a Strategy Making Process



Mackay D & Smith M (2016) Inclusive Design of a Strategy Making Process. In: Proceedings of BAM2016: Thriving in Turbulent Times. British Academy of Management 30th Annual Conference, University of Newcastle Business School, 06.09.2016-08.09.2016. London: British Academy of Management.

Inclusive design is a user-centred approach to the creation of products, services and systems accommodating as broad a range of abilities within the user population as possible. In this paper we explore the possibilities of applying inclusive design principles to the design of a strategy making process, informed by data yielded from action research work with a third sector organisation. Aligning with existing theoretical understanding, we find that grounding strategy making process design in inclusive design principles offers the potential to improve perceived political feasibility, procedural justice and procedural rationality of strategy outputs. Extending existing theoretical understanding, we find an inclusive design approach enhances the social and practical acceptability of strategy outputs for all stakeholders and not just those that were previously marginalised. We offer an argument for further practical and theoretical development and application of inclusive design principles to strategy making approaches specifically, and management processes in general.

Publication date30/09/2016
Publication date online30/09/2016
PublisherBritish Academy of Management
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Place of publicationLondon
ConferenceBritish Academy of Management 30th Annual Conference
Conference locationUniversity of Newcastle Business School